A Great Day

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Lama nggak blogging di blog yang satu ini ya... hehehe
Ini adalah salah satu tugas Literary Appreciation Semester IV-ku...

A word…
A voice…
On a Tuesday
A day…
The day when I cry
When I see your face
When I see there’s something in your eyes
The pain living in your eyes

I hear your honesty
I try to understand
I can not say anything
What is in your smile?
What is in your word?

I don’t want to see you break
But I can not lead you up
Someday you will understand
Why I say that
We will find a way…

What I need for Free Time

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As the youngish, sure was very happy if we got many free times for relaxed. Like me, I was very happy when the schedule of my college could be compacted. Only on Monday till Thursday. And I had free time for three days in a week. So, I had many times to take a rest, refreshing, and others. I spent the times at home.

But after a while, I often felt bored. It's too long at home, and I have no activities. Sleeping is daily activity on Friday till Sunday. Reading a book or novel and went to some events like seminar or book review are rarely I did. I only did if I wanted it. I was like unemployment. It took for relaxed more than other.

So, I have an idea. I want to look for the vacancy for part time on the sidelines of my college times. I want it because I want to exploit my free time that made me bored. I want to find something new, something what I need, something that can give me an experience. And also because I like to spend the time at other place better than at home.

Hopefully, I can get it soon, and find something new... :-)

World Faces

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Why do the children in this era weren't learned "back to nature"?????? 

Last Time

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Apparently, last night, was my last night with the first phone that I had. Phones that I bought with my own money, which I collected a few months. I'm very sad to part with the cell phone. This morning when went to college, I was stolen. Given a choice, I prefer my pocket money that was taken, not the phone. Because the cell phone has accompanied several stages of the struggle of my life. I was so sad ... I chased a bus that was traveling up to the bus station, back and forth, but still nil. In many of the driver and the conductor bus station consolation. They were advised to go home and not go to college. But still pity if not college. I cried in front of them. On the road someone asked me, "Where will you go, Sist. Seem confused. Can I help you?" ohh, I don't know what to do... I couldn't stop my tears all the way to campus. Still remember the thing that conductor said, "Your livelihood is more than pickpockets, Sist ..." Thanks, Sir ...
And also thanks for my friends have comforted me....

Something New

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I want refreshing ...Never felt like coming home for a long time, hehehe ... Until my family told me, my house like a hotel for a ride only to sleep, lol ...

 Every day always came home late, in the past month every weekend (Friday-Sunday) was never at home. From attending seminars, debriefing, visiting other universities, and others. 

And a debriefing (dated May 14 to 16) of the most memorable till now, although not as one might imagine.
But that's one of the learning process. I'm not just playing games. But also in search of knowledge and experience, gain new friends from another university. Hhmmm, it's good ...I hope with this there is progress ... Amen


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